When registering with an Total Sporting Solutions LLC (under the trading name of Impact Soccer), program, camp or service you agree to the following:

I agree to list all relevant medical and allergic information when registering with any program, camp or service. I agree for my child to participate in the relevant sport. I understand that with every sport there are certain risks of injury in the practice and participation of the relevant sport and are willing to assume these risks. I release Total Sporting Solutions LLC, its employees, consultant and Board of Directors from all claims on account of any injuries which may be sustained while attending the activities.

I agree to indemnify and hold Total Sporting Solutions LLC, its employees, consultants and Board of Directors harmless for injury and expense, including costs of defense, which may result from activities associated with participation in the program. If medical attention is required for injury or illness for the above named applicant, I give my permission for such medical care; and I take full responsibility for payment of such care. I grant Total Sporting Solutions LLC permission to use photogenic or video images of my child in future promotional materials.